Quality Assurance

Roux Pecans has become synonymous with setting the industry standard in certified organic pecan nuts. Our strength has been starting small and growing over time allowing us to understand our product and importantly to understand our customers’ expectations.


Our commitment to quality

Quality begins in the orchard and underpins Roux Pecans consistency. Chris Roux has been particular in challenging conventions for obtaining better results. The fact that Roux Pecans has been certified organic since 1996 is testament to this philosophy.

With balanced holistic orchard management, Roux Pecans has been able to introduce state of the art harvesting machines and implements while still using ‘soft’ means to remove the nuts from the orchard and into our EU certified organic processing plant situated on the farm seamlessly. As the trees and the processing plant are on the same property, Roux Pecans is able to control the flow of nuts and ensure that the rate of harvesting is the same as the rate of processing. This ensures a fresh crisp tasting nut which reflects Roux Pecans quality.

It is this that the concept of a ‘South African’ pecan or an ‘American’ pecan is a fallacy, a pecan is a pecan- the important question is traceability and who produced the pecan and under what conditions.

Roux Pecans commitment to producing quality organic pecans ‘which you can trust’ is confirmed by our certification authorities and the consistency we produce year on year. We like to believe that Roux Pecans Taste Better.




The concept of marketing a word puts the economic existence of the purveyor in jeopardy. Always the question is asked, “…so, what is organic?”. If you are selling to friends only there is a built in credibility. But if you are selling to the public and make claims about the goods, then you need third party, independent confirmation of your claims measured to a standard. When you have examinations in Grade 5 at school, you are judged to have reached a standard, if you pass of course. If you go to university to be a doctor and pass all but your final exam, your friends may be happy to be treated by you, but you cannot claim the credibility that your fellows have by passing the test. The same applies to sellers of organic foods. Trust their claims as you wish, but certification to a standard gives credibility to the level applied. Roux Pecans has the right through annual scrutiny to use the term “organic” on our pecans if we pass the exam for each crop. We believe that these measurements give Roux Pecans credibility.




Not all degrees or standards are acceptable to all. Check the website of Ecocert to see the measure applied at Roux Pecans. We are proud that we put our credibility to the test each year to be measured to these standards.




The standards are the same for everyone every year with EU & USDA standard certification.

Since 1996 Roux Pecans has been certified organic by Ecocert. We have never failed an inspection and encourage unannounced inspections. Roux Pecans likes our customers to know that we strive to maintain this consistent high standard.

Roux Pecans make no claims about our character or integrity, but we are examined by a high standard to use the term “Organic” when selling our products.

If there is a claim made that the goods are organic, ask “by what standard?”

If the standard cannot be measured by independent credible third parties – Don't buy it!