Raw & Organic Pecan Kernel

Roux Pecans offers four grades of raw and organic pecan kernel. Each grade has its own characteristic and function; whether it be for the purpose of baking, snacking or for the decorative needs of high street chocolatiers, Roux Pecans offers function specific grades.


Special reserve Halves

Hand selected perfect pecan halves are Roux Pecans most sought after grade. This selection is special in that we take extra time and effort in selecting this premium grade. These are completely unblemished pecans that epitomize the high standard of pecan that make them extremely popular with all clients from high street chocolatiers to the most discerning individual.


Choice Halves

Our Choice selection is equivalent to the highest quality offered in the industry. In the process of removing the shells some kernels split or break. This selection has all kernels that are larger than 17mm but may have a small bit broken off. Some whole kernels are smaller than 17 mm and they are included in this selection.


Extra large pieces

Ideal for a range of functions this selection has no intact whole kernels. 10 - 15 mm size specially selected for baking, muesli making and Granola mixes as well as for snack packs and trail mixes.


Small Pieces

Ideal for baking and confectionery needs. Small Pieces are 5-10mm in size and are perfect for baking mixes and snack bars.



Fresh and Raw

Our pecans are a 100% raw organic product, and vacuum packed to keep them as fresh as they day they were harvested. To find out more about our raw product or packaging and storage please click the relevant link below: